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St. Paul

Antique & Amateur Radio Consignment Center
St. PaulSt.
This is possibly a potential dream come true. It is a used
radio store of tube type gear.

AxMan Surplus
- chain of 4 stores, original at:
1639 University Avenue
St. Paul
(612) 646-8653
Has all sorts of parts and stuff. No radios, but some BA test
gear and lots of parts.

Asset Recovery Corporation
1907 Charles Avenue
St. Paul
(612) 641-0789


ABC Electronics
317 7th Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN
(612) 332-2378
This place is in the warehouse district in Minneapolis. Small,
but packed with stuff, mostly components. Sometimes they close
on Saturdays, and sometimes not. If you go there, call ahead
to make sure they are open.

Midwest Surplus & Electronics
124 12th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN
(612) 339-9533
Mostly a junk shop, but has some good stuff buried in.

Acme Electronics
Minneapolis, MN
It's an old store, with some stock that goes back a ways,
[including] some boatanchor power transformers. (Bill Hawkins)

Radio City

Dexis Corporation
9749 Hamilton Road
Eden Prairie, MN
(612) 944-7670

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