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About Us - our mission statement of sorts

Currently, Elephant Staircase consists of two college students. Recently, we have noticed the trend of a growing do-it-yourself, modding, hardware hacking, building community. As it is quite diverse it is hard to define. Really all we know are the links provided by hackaday and MAKE. There is also the "Hacks" series by O'Reilly. At any rate, we are not attempting to define this community, but rather to help it grow. At this point, the community consists more of individual members showcasing individual projects. We believe community is much more and that this website, Elephant Staircase, can help make it more. While we love the individual projects, we think even more amazing things can happen as a result of communication and collaboration. As the open source software community has grown quite a bit in the past several yeras, we think the (for lack of a better term) "open source" hardware community has equal potential. So help us out, and help the scene out, put your project page here and allow others to make suggestions and ask questions. Or if you have ideas for the site, feel free to click the discussion tab at the top of this page and tell us about em. Right now, we only have a wiki but there is a ton of great software out there for forums, image gallerys, online stores, streaming media, etc. Speak your mind and keep modding.

-Ray and Cape

If you need to get in touch with us, please contact us at:

webmaster AT elephantstaircase -pleaseDONTspamUS- D0T com

(if you can't figure out our email address from this, rid the world of spam and then we'll talk)

Please help us keep this wiki clean and up to date, if you notice any ips doing weird things, feel free to look up where they live at these sites: it's kind of fun, but otherwise useless. (check out http://www.geobytes.com/IpLocator.htm or http://visualroute.visualware.com/)