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Here we build our own LoveSac which is a brand of comfortable bean bag furniture.

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(page still under construction, bear with us)


If you haven't already sat or laid down on a LoveSac, you should. It's essentially an incredibly comfortable bean bag. LoveSac stores are popping up at malls everywhere or you can go to LoveSac.com and check it out for yourself. There are other sites around selling the same bags, such as CuddleSac.com large bean bags. The secret to these is that they are filled with shredded memory foam. There are a number of knock off brands, but in generally these comfy pieces of furniture are pretty expensive - a 6ft size bag will run you about $300. We made ours for about $150.


As with many good learning experiences, we made mistakes along the way. Our first thought was that since we're guys and we don't know how to sew we should do it in a way that will involve the least sewing possible. SO, we bought a couch slip cover thinking we could sew a strip of fabric along the bottom after filling the cover with memory foam. This plan wasn't very successfull probably because we tried to use a $10 handheld sewing machine.

The next idea was to ask Mom for help using an actual sewing machine. While we knew it would be a significant amount of work and didn't want to bother Mom too much, I asked Mom for basic instructions on how to use a sewing machine but she ended up sewing the bean bag cover herself and did a fantastic job - thanks Mom. She put a zipper on and I filled it up with memory foam.

What you'll need

Shredded Memory Foam



A non-separating zipper

Someone who knows how to use a sewing machine

A sewing machine

Part Cost/Unit QTY Total Link
Shredded Memory Foam $33.99/15 lbs 4 $135.96 shredded memory foam
Fabric $4.24/yard 4 $16.96
Part 5

Other parts we assume you have: sewing machine, scissors, cutting board, chalk, pins and various sewing supplies


1. cut the fabric

2. sew it together

3. stuff it with memory foam (don't worry i'll make this more detailed)

Sources and inspiration

This idea was inspired by the LoveSac product sold at LoveSac retail stores or visit lovesac.com, thiet ke website. There are a couple of other similar products:

Or you can get a great deal on a lovesac on ebay.

Further Ideas

Memory foam is incredibly comfortable. Any sort of pillow or furniture you can dream up will surely be appreciated by anybody you live with.

And I just realized if you're terrible at sewing, the couch slip cover approach won't work but you might be able to buy a lovesac cover on ebay and stuff it with memory foam from ebay.