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Custom T-Shirt


Custom T-Shirts? Right here!


What is cool about the project, what is the goal of the project, what are some general applications of the project?


- Design

- Theory

- Quick notes

What you'll need

-Parts List - make sure to include things you use and already had on hand for the project (things you didn't go out and buy) because not everyone has the same set of tools to work with. Please try to be as specific as possible and include exact model numbers, prices, links to online retailers when possible. I know this part is hard and I'm definitely guilty of being vague about parts because I understand what i'm talking about but it really sucks to spend more time shopping for parts and looking for a specific thing than you actually spend building stuff.


Perhaps the most important part, maybe, maybe not.

Sources and inspiration

If you used someone's idea, please document it here.

Further Ideas

If you have some ideas about slight modifications to your project, list them, perhaps it will spawn more cool stuff.