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Before You Start

Note that this guide cannot be held responsible for any legal issues (such as domain name copyright isssues). It is the responsibility of the WebMaster to make sure that their site is legal.

Choosing Domain Names

The domain name is what people will remember your site by. Make sure you spend more than a minute thinking about your name. Domain names come in a number of varieties (.net, .org, .com). Choose wisely, as once you choose a name, you cannot change the name. It is very rare a company will have mercy for typos. Domain names are hard to choose also because so many have already been taken. There is one time where this can be of value to you. You can browse lists of expired and newly available names. Browse http://whois.sc/explorer and search some of your ideas. http://www.makewords.com/ is another brainstorming site that lets you know if the suggestions are available. http://instantdomainsearch.com/ updates the name availabability in real time as you type and correct your ideas.

Registering Domain Names

Some recommendations


Choosing a host is very hard. Make sure you read the terms and conditions. Many webmasters get screwed over because they fail to read the documents that you have to read. To find a host of your very own, I reccomend http://www.findmyhosting.com. Just enter information about what you want, and it will find the matching hosts. Pick one with at least MySQL, PHP, and PERL. Those are the bare minimums that will be required for a good site. Some recommendations

More Soon

More coming soon. Or maybe not. Depends on if I can work more on this. Of corse, other people may still edit this.