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The Cheapies don't work...

... for me that is..

I went to the link to BG Micro and purchased their VGA to RJ45 connector. When I got them, I plugged on into my video card, and the other inot the monitor. Then connected them with a cat5 cable.

No Love as I got no signal to the monitor.

Am I doing something wrong?

TIA - Vijay

Cracked open the BG Micro VGA to RJ45 connector

I too figured I'd give the cheapies a go and had no luck. I cracked one of them open (shipping 'em back would cost me more than they cost in the first place) and the wiring was all wrong. For example, pins 1 and 6 should connect to a pair of wires (whatever color), and they don't. Looks like I have to build my own.


Where do I start?

Okay, here's the thing guys. There are reasons that KVM extenders cost what they do. You're trying to put 5 signals that have a decent bandwidth down a cable that is relatively unsheilded and operating at a different impedance. At the very least you need to add matching circuitry at the transistion from 75 ohms to 100 ohms. Ideally you would also do some sort of balanced transmission of the signal or just encode it. In most cases though, you don't really need to do this at all. It's often cheaper and better to just buy the right length cable. A word of advice on purchasing cables though, many people (namely monster) are happy to charge a ton of money for something that one can make themselves or buy for much less. The moral: If you think you're paying too much for cable, you might be right.

project boxes

Where can you get rj45 project boxes like the one you used?


thanks for share this info ¡¡ all perfect ¡¡

if you dont have signal, u have to use the software of your computer to find the second monitor ;)

vj inkaloko