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After posting the page I received a few comments about back power. Back power can cause unnecessary power consumption and circuit damage. I should have put the switch on the 12+ side before the LEDs this would have fixed that. Thanks to all for the comments, the only way you’re going learn is through mistakes.

- Comment from an Engineer - 

Hi. I saw your wiki listed on Gizmodo. I'm a working Electronics Engineer and I must say that the comments that people have made about your switch are... ridiculous. Having the switch in the to-ground configuration is perfectly fine. Once the switch is open there is absolutely NO WAY that anything could lead to "unnecessary power consumption and circuit damage". I think those folk would do better to study harder.

You, on the other hand have made a fine wiki. Congratulations!.

the original switch mount

I like your project, I have an led on my mobo i wish that i could turn it off. And i liked the first mount you used for you switches.

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WTF I can't edit the page to revert the spam. The site needs the revert button in the history tab.