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very beauty

Enhancement suggestion

How about filling the bottom of the large dixie cup with water and frezing (creating a disk), then placing the small cup on the frozen disk, putting something heavy (like small stones, coins, etc) in the small cup to hold it in place and then filling the space between the cups with water and freezing it. No duct taping should be necessary.

Good suggestion in theory

Good suggestion, we tried that and it didn't work too well for us.

First, you have to freeze the disc completely level. Ice is slippery so if its slanted to once side when you put the smaller glass in, it will slide to that side.

Second, you have to keep the small cup centered when you move the whole thing to the freezer, which is pretty hard to do, otherwise, the ice is slippery and the smallest amount of force will send it sliding.

However, I suppose if you manage to get a cup made out of something with enough friction to stay put on the ice, it could work.

Plus WHY NOT use duct tape? You should have it on hand no matter what because you'll probably use it in almost every project.

Fantastic idea ! !

You were right about Gatorade not freezing too well so just water it down / same thing if using Kool-aid. They're great for various colors.

You can use soda too : Freeze coke for your whiskey/coke drinkers freeze 7-Up for your vodka drinkers, etc

I also lined the inside of the large cup and outside of the small cup with cooking spray - - they cae apart VERY easily.


Better Look

To get a better look for the shot glasses use distilled water, that way the glasses will be almost clear! This would make them look better in some cases

You can also boil the water to reduce the oxygen content and avoid bubbles that way. As per http://recipes.howstuffworks.com/question205.htm using boiled distilled water will result in very, very clear ice.

Nice article

Just a few words to congratulate you for that interesting project!. Have a nice day, cheers! 10:09, 8 July 2006 (CDT)



just throwing the idea out there