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Bad link

The link at the bottom should be to http://wiki.xtronics.com/index.php/Shower_Board_as_a_white_Board.


So maybe a little checking and asking around would have saved you some trouble. I buy 4'x8' sheets of white-board material from Home Depot for about $35 each. It's the exact same stuff commercial whiteboards are made from but a lot easier to cut (standard woodworking tools).

Save more Money!

Hey folks, I had a project a while ago that I needed Masonite (really compressed cardboard). My wife is a teacher and the type of masonite i purchased had a shiny finish on one side. the total cost was under $10 depending on the size.



I read this DIY and thought it was a great idea so proceeded. Looks great - only problem is that the dry erase markers are like permanent markers!! I've tried everything but goofoff and nothing works - am hoping the goofoff will do the trick. It must be the type of 'plexiglas' I bought (Home Depot).

Lesson learned = test the material before purchasing\installing.

Can't Erase

I also thought the DIY erase board would be great. Unfortunately, the dry erase markers cannot be erased from the acrylic. I bought it at Home Depot, a 24" x 48" sheet with clear plastic covering. Whatever I write is permanent. Luckily, I didn't screw it into my wall, I just bought a pack of 3m Command Adhesive strips for $3. Still, a waste of 20 bucks. :(

I did something similar

I had to patch a big hole in my wall and I went to the local home depot and bought a piece of masonite (thick hard cardboard). Lucky me they had a piece with a shiny finish on one side.

I cut the piece to overlap the hole in my wall with the finish facing out. it worked perfectly! Now the extra large piece I had left over I gave to my wife for her classroom to use. It works really well! If you end up using permanent marker, use a dry erase marker over top of the permanent mark that was made and it should take it off.

this tip was provided on one of the last few episodes of dltv @ dl.tv

keep up the good work,


I did this almost exactly - it works 01/19/09

I followed your example almost exactly, using 3'x 6' plexiglas from Home Depot, drywall anchors and screws/washers. total cost = around $55 (plexi itself was $44, thank you inflation!).

Only issue was attaching it to the wall. I used four screw holes on the bottom edge and three on the top edge (the package came with seven screws/anchors), drilled the plexi holes first, lined it up on the wall and marked where to drill the wall holes, holding it real firm against the wall. After tighting the first two screws the other two corner wall holes didn't line up with the plexi holes!!?? Re-drilled three holes, enlarged the plexi holes slightly and all holes lined up. Also, I ended up with a very slight wave on the top and bottom edges of the plexi - the plexi sticks out from the wall < 1/4". Something I can fix with some picture frame molding or just leave as it's not practically a major nuisance, just a slight imperfection.

I'm now selling the 50 pound white board I originally bought and will more than cover the above expenses!

Thanks for the original post! Also I have not had the permanent/not permanent marker issue on the plexi as mentioned above. Russ B

Keeping the marks erasable

So, did anyone figure out what the deal is with the kind of acrylic that is erasable and the kind that is not?

I really want a clear dry-erase board but the ones they sell online are over $2,000!

The last person to post (1/19/09): what kind of acylic do you have, since you seem to hae no problem erasing? What kind of markers, too?

change to modives

I changed the motivations page. I'm an engineer that's auditory learner, so the statement was a bit off.. Also I restructured the whole thing to make it flow more easily; though keeping the original style too.

Oh.. uhm personally I buy Polycarbonate for other projects.. I go to the local small shops and buy their scrap. It's insanely cheap compared to, lol, chain stores. I think my last order was 30 and I had enough to make two dry erase boards ( but then again, its the luck of the scrap. 100 to buy a full non scrap sheet, enough for 4 or 5 boards). On top of that they will always beat a chain store, got to haggle people! (next you will buy a car at sticker!)

For the other posts asking about will it erase.. you did remove the anti scratch film I hope.. It's plastic people, yes it will erase.. if you don't believe me, (as I work with polycarb more) take a dry erase to a store and test in on a corner.. or by a dollar in scrap.