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Welcome to the ElephantStaircase Wiki

What is Elephant Staircase?

Elephant Staircase is a wiki made up of pages detailing ridiculously sweet projects. These projects range from do-it-yourself projects, to hacking/modding (legally of course), to cool ideas for random stuff, to random cool things to do with your time and money. Basically a cookbook for the technically inclined, scientifically fascinated, geeks, nerds, mechancially curious, l33t, or just anyone who cares.

Completed Projects


How to build a dorm room loft


How to Keep Hard drives cool

IMG 6849 (1280x853).jpg

DIY Teleprompter

Project 013.JPG

How to convert RCA cable to CAT5


How to build your own computer


How to install linux


How to put a (NES) and SEGA in one box


How to build a pretty cheap scsi raid array


Increase the power of your ipod itrip

Mouse2 015.JPG

How to add a fan to a computer mouse


Make shot glasses out of ice


How to make/modify a 10 dollar digital camera


Boost your wireless signal with this DIY antenna

RCA switchbox 011.jpg

How to make a four way RCA switch box


How to convert VGA to RJ45

Fan 012.JPG

How to - LED switch for light up fans


DIY Dry Erase Board


Convert a Commodore game joystick to a working Commodore 64

IMG 1809.JPG

DIY LoveSac (shredded memory foam beanbag)

020 lcd8.jpg

Build Your Own IPod/Flash memory mp3 player

Projects looking for help

Do it yourself computer networking - Creating a computer network over existing cables for cheap!

Completed Projects

In Progress Projects

Small Parts Shelves

Small LCD panels made easy

How to - modify a factory 10/22 stock to fit after market bull barrel

How to - PVC Trashcan

http://elephantstaircase.com/wiki3/images/thumb/9/9a/Popov.jpg/30px-Popov.jpg How to make cheap vodka taste good with a brita filter


How to make a desk top film can cannon

How to build a fire effect using Fluorescent Light Starters

How to add shelves to an already small dorm room

How to backup your DVDs

How to build a small model hovercraft

Overhead 022.JPG
Overhead 023.JPG

Make your own overhead projector for cheap

How to Catch a Squirrel in your apartment

8-ball case.jpg

How to do a 2-tone paint job on a computer case

How to make a milk jug spigut

How to make and print your own T-Shirts

How to make a $14 Steadycam

How to make a $33 lightsaber in 33 minutes

Hipster PDA

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Suggested but not yet attempted Pages

How to build a real-looking bulletproof vest movie prop

How to build an LCD picture frame

How to Hack a juicebox media player

Make your own box wine



How to screw up your LCD screen or its TFT

If you have 100% success with everything you do then congratulations, you are a liar. Most of us make mistakes and screw stuff up. Here are some of our mistakes and things we messed up, we hope you will learn from our failures.

Idea discussion

Mouse2 000.JPG

Bed side clock safe box

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In this section we want to open a dialogue for ideas. If you need some help or direction for a project, look on similar topics for guideful tips or just put it out there and see what others think.