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How to make a shot glass out of ice.



Shot glasses can get expensive especially if you want a lot of them for a big party, here we make shot glasses out of ice, it costs very little to make a bunch, and they're pretty sweet.


There are many different ways you can go about this. You can buy a mold, you can make a mold out of rubber or silicone, or you can use cups to make ice in the shape of a shot glass. We do the last one. For more information about making a molds check out:

silicone plastique

silicone plastique (cheaper page)

Also look into Safe-D Clay on these pages.

What you'll need

We used Dixie cups. They come in several different sizes. You will need two different sizes, we used 9 oz and 3 oz cups

Part Cost/Unit QTY Total Link
3 oz dixie cups 1.99 1 1.99 3 oz dixie cups
9 oz dixie cups 3.49 1 3.49 9oz dixie cups
Duct tape .99 1 .99 duct tape
Total 6.47 6.47


Warning: The shot glasses produced can hold up to 3 oz of liquid. They should be considered double shot glasses and one should not assumed one is doing a single "shot" when the glass is full.

Warning: Consumption of alcohol can have many negative side effects. Please drink responsibly.

Disclaimer: While these glasses may be most commonly used for consuming alcohol, we do not encourage this action and take no responsibility for those that choose to consume alcoholic beverages. We also neither encourage nor condone underage drinking or binge drinking.


Method 1: Highly Recommended

1. Fill a large dixie cup partially with water

2. Put the small dixie cup inside the large one and press down until both cups are flush at the same level, adjust the water level accordingly.

3. Fill the small cup with water, place it in the large cup, and place a strip of duct tape across the top of the two cups to hold the small one in place.

4. Freeze

5.After 4 hours or more (varies by freezer) take the whole thing out, if the small cup is pastic it will pull right out, then run the outside of the large cup under hot water (or warm water so as not to crack the ice), turn it upside down and give it a good whack.

Step Two
Step 5a: removing the small cup
Step 5b: run under hot water
Gatorade looks cool but doesnt freeze well
the frozen display

Method 2: (Not recommended, shot glass comes out looking weird, leaks are very common)

1. Take a large dixie cup (9 oz) and cut the bottom out of it

2. Turn the small one upside down and push it through the hole we just made in the bottom of the large one

3. Seal the bottom around the hole with duct tape (you'll need more than you think)

4. Fill with water and freeze

Method 3: It works, you can probably use things you already have but its much easier to use dixie cups

1. Obtain a large plastic cup that you would drink out of and a shot glass

2. Fill the large plastic cup with a small amount of water (half inch or 2 cm) and freeze to form a cylinder/disc of ice.

3. Take out of freezer once it is completely frozen, quickly fill with water, center shot glass, use ducttape to keep it in the middle, quickly refreeze

4. When completely frozen for the second time, put your hands around the plastic cup to heat it up until the whole block of ice can be removed from the cup easily. Set it on some wax paper or non-slippery surface. If you are lucky the shot glass will come right out, if not, you may have to gently coerce it, your breath can heat things up pretty nicely, you might use cool water (hot water might crack or break the glass). The first time we did it, we broke the whole ice thing because we werent patient.

Here are pictures of method 3:

The ice shot glass inside the plastic cup
removed from plastic cup
The ice shot glass with a real shot glass inside
with the real shot glass removed
aint it pretty
this is gatorade
it ends up being a bit more than a real shot
no, I dont have something stuck in my throat thats my adams apple

A few notes:

Yes these are made of ice, ice is cold, so they will be cold. No they don't get stuck to your hand but if you hold them for a long time your hand will get red and cold, typically though most people dont hold on to a shot glass.

Sources and inspiration

NOTE: No one is claiming that this is a new idea. This has been around for a while in places like ice bars and you can buy molds to make your own here:
Rubber shot glass molds. http://www.elephantstaircase.com/wiki/images/thumb/2/2a/Shotmold.jpg/100px-Shotmold.jpg
We just thought it would be fun and cheaper to make your own.

Further Ideas

More shot glass related stuff

Make a Plaster of Paris Mold: (This might not work as plaster of paris is water permeable)

1.Buy some Plaster of Paris and find a small box

2.Make sure the box is sealed and will not leak

3. Pour the paster of paris into the box

4. Take a shot glass and put it upside down in the paster of paris. You really need a straight shot glass or you won't be able to get it out.

5. Let the whole thing dry and harden, then remove the shot glass, pour water in, and freeze.

Check out our other projects here and feel free to post your own!


We've been getting a lot of hits lately from a ton of different places. Thanks for all the links. We used gatorade because it was what we had on hand. It doesn't freeze well and we don't recommend it - if it is all you have on hand, make sure to water it down considerably. Some other great ideas that people have suggested have been to use food coloring, juice, and jello. You can't really use alcohol because alcohol doesn't freeze well either, unless you mix it with something. I think the jello idea is cool, one post I read said that to make it more rigid use double the jello packet, not sure how that will work but we might try it.

A lot of people are worried about melting. We havent had them out for more than half an hour or so but we didn't notice very much melting during that time. These are pretty thick shot glasses so they tend to stay cold. Yes they will hurt your hand if you hold on to them for a long time, usually people dont do that with shot glasses. No they don't freeze to your tongue. Because they are so thick they are considerably more durable than regular shot glasses, they don't shatter if you drop them. If you drop them hard a small piece might break off.

Thanks again for visiting Elephant Staircase.