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The Film Cannon. This little toy became and instant classic when it was introduced. It has several names: the Piezo-Popper, the Binaca Bomb, the Photo-Flash -- you will probably think up your own too. It lets you shoot a film can up to 30 feet straight up!


Fun, easy, and a great way to scare friends and show off. Why not do it?


Difficulty: 3

Time: Approx 15 minutes.

Cost: Free to under $10

What you'll need

-Fuel (Binaca works best, you can also use perfume or hair spray)

-35 millimeter film can

-Igniter (from an electronic cigarette or fireplace lighter)

-2 electrical wires. (about 6in long each)

-Block of wood. (about 1/2 inch thick, 4in wide by 3in long)

-Soldering Iron and Solder


1. Dissasemble lighter and remove sparker

2. Wire sparker to under the film can

3. Fill can with flammable liquid, about one full spray of Binaca

4. Place can over sparker on lid

5. Ignite and watch the can fly!

Sources and inspiration

Project taken from http://www.scitoys.com/

Further Ideas