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Scaffolding rental companies safety insurance

If your business is scaffolding rental equipment, you must ensure that you have consulted with an expert scaffolding insurance broker or agent to arrive at the best possible coverage decisions for your company. There are many risks inherent to renting scaffolding. Scaffolding can collapse, resulting in third-party injuries or even deaths. More likely,, stands a decent chance of being vandalized or stolen at a construction site.

Liability insurance is an essential part of a scaffold company's insurance coverage. This type of insurance protects your company in the event that a third party on or near your jobsite (not a construction or jobsite worker - he or she is covered by worker's comp) is injured or killed because of your scaffolding. If this happens, your company might be sued for negligence. Liability insurance protects your business against claims alleging that the scaffolding you rent out or erect is responsible for injuries to non-worker individuals on or near jobsites.

Equipment and property insurance are also necessary for scaffolding companies. These coverage packages protect your dltunxig cwtquyg scaffolding business from financial ruin in the event that equipment is stolen, or is otherwise damaged at a jobsite. Some brokers offer property insurance in a combination package with casualty insurance, a more generalized coverage policy protecting the business from financial loss. For many scaffolding companies, a property-casualty combined package is the wisest investment.

Insurance against business interruption is a third essential type of insurance coverage necessary for scaffolding companies. Should your business be detained from operating, it will be protected against income loss.