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My concept would be computer networking over RCA cables or somthing like them using parts bought at radioshak or somthing. I am however, rather inept with electronics and would like some help with this project. please pitch in!


Ethernet is cheap, sure. But is there a way to do it cheaper and with your own parts? And over less wires using standard cabling?


- Design

- Theory

- Quick notes

What you'll need

Part Cost/Unit QTY Total Link
Computers >2
Cables 1
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Total 2


Insert steps here :P

Sources and inspiration

This sort of came to me, these people and myself like doing things themselves, but what about computer networking? Is there a way to network computers using, say an existing infrastructure in every house? what is a house had cable internet and vonage or somthing and didnt use their phone lines? what if sombody is too damn cheap to buy ethernet? What if you just want to network your computers yourself for the heck of it? what if there is a way to do it for cheaper?

Further Ideas

If you have some ideas about slight modifications to your project, list them, perhaps it will spawn more cool stuff.

Wireless is the way to go, unless your house is wired with CAT5. you can't use phone wiring, it only has 4 pins, whereas CAT5 has 8. You can get a router for $50 and a 9db long range antenna for $20, that's probably cheaper than rewiring a house.