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We were taking apart a clock radio and we were trying to figure out what to do with the casing of it, we decided to make a safe - like those campbells soup cans people put money and jewelry in - because how many times to people inspect a clock? Just remember to add a little scratches, otherwise the robber might take your clock/safe home with him!

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Nothing else to do with the clock case.


We're thinking we're going to dremel out the bottom and make a twist off section. We want it to appear like a regular clock so we were thinking of getting a cheap similar clock and putting the panel in our safe or building our own clock with circuits and stuff.

They do make mini safe boxes. (ex:http://www.completelybonkers.com/money-box.html)

What you'll need

-An old clock radio that doesnt work or that you have no use for.


Sources and inspiration

Further Ideas