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Modifying a Factory Ruger 10/22 Stock to Fit a .920" Diameter Bull Barrel

Almost anyone who has firearms owns a Ruger 10/22. The 10/22 is an extremely popular semi-automatic .22 caliber rifle that is pretty good direct from the factory, but can be greatly improved by adding some simple aftermarket parts. The most popular upgrade is a "bull" barrel; a thicker, heavier, more accurate barrel than the one that comes on the 10/22 form the Ruger factory. The problem is, however, that the factory stock is made to fit a tapered barrel, ie. it won't fit an after market bull barrel which has a diameter of 0.920".

One solution is to buy an aftermarket stock. An aftermarket stock isn't always what you want. There are a ton of them out there, but they are all either synthetic, expensive, or ugly. Personally I like the traditional looking wood stock, not plastic, not super fancy laminated wood, and especially not the thumbhole style stocks that are becoming more and more popular. On top of all this, aftermarket stocks usually run from $100 and up. By the time you add a bull barrel and a replacement stock, you could have purchased an additional gun for the same price!

I personally like the look and feel of the factory stock, so I decided to modify it to fit my new Green Mountain 20" bull barrel. My modification required access to a mill in my school's machine shop. Hopefully you have access to a mill or know someone who does.

The stock can also be modified with an appropriate sized dowel with a piece of sand paper wrapped around it and then sanded to fit. You can free float the stock by being able to slip a dollar bill between the stock and the barrel and slide it up and down the length of the barrel.


The stock that came with your Ruger 10/22
A Bridgeport-style mill
a 7/8" or 15/16" ball end mill
dish rag or something else to cushion the stock while its in the vise
sandpaper (in varying roughnesses from 60-1000 grit)
wood stain
wood sealer