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How to build secure scaffolding

Using scaffold towers as part of your home improvement construction project means that for your safety it is a good idea to be aware of the health and safety recommendations. Treat your home as a workplace when using scaffolding towers. Before you undertake work on scaffolding towers carry out an assessment in accordance to The Work at Height Regulations 2005. In the workplace this assessment is to confirm that there is no alternative to working at height and that the most suitable equipment has been selected for the job in hand, the same should apply to your home construction project.

scaffolding towers are, when used correctly, a safe means of gaining access to work which is being done at height. They are used widely throughout the UK. Where incidents can occur is when there has been inappropriate erection or the misuse of the scaffold towers, also known as access towers. Numerous accidents occur because of these reasons but with the correct health and safety practices these are being lowered and can be prevented.

When erecting scaffolding towers you need to be aware that aluminium and the thin-wall steel towers are relatively light and can overturn easily with incorrect use. All parts must be in their correct place to ensure the required core strength. If sections are left out there is a good chance that the towers can collapse.

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