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This one is pretty simple. We filter vodka through a charcoal water filter like Brita to make it more pure and taste better.


Good vodka is expensive, cheap vodka tastes like gasoline. We combine the best of both worlds for expensive stuff that tastes like gasoline. Wait. I mean, cheap stuff that tastes good.


Charcoal filtering is cheap, easy, and fun: here's how it works.

"Mythbusters" did a bit on this recently and concluded that, while it does perhaps improve the flavor of bad vodka a bit, it really doesn't make a silk purse from a sows ear. That and the fact that by the time you've bought the filters and whatnot, it's going to cost more to filter "bad" vodka (is there really such a thing as "bad" alcohol) into "good" vodka than it would to just buy "good" vodka in the first place.

What you'll need

-Brita Filter and Jug

http://rcm-images.amazon.com/images/P/B0000AP7NV.01._SCTZZZZZZZ_.jpg Buy From Amazon for 9.99

-Cheap Vodka - we got a handle of Popov, basically anything ending in ov or off is usually cheap like Dimitroff or whatever your local grocery store caries.

We were a bit skeptical so we actually did a control experiment, which you can read about here.


There are two ways you can do this - filter the whole handle, or filter a little bit at a time. If you want to filter the whole handle, you'll need a funnel.

1. If you haven't yet, activate the brita filter by following the instruction on the box. Usually this involves soaking the filter in water for 15 minutes, then putting it in the pitcher, filling it with water, letting it filter, dumping that and repeat it once more.

2. Pour the cheap vodka into the brita pitcher and filter

3. Pour the filtered vodka into a large cup or back into the handle if you have a funnel and filtered it all

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for 3-4 times or until you are satisfied.

It's that easy, and now that you have great tasting vodka, why not try it out in your custom Ice Shot Glass?

Sources and inspiration



Further Ideas

If you have some ideas about slight modifications to your project, list them, perhaps it will spawn more cool stuff.

I would urge you to proof the vodka after filtering. I did this and it ended up being only 25 proof afterwards. Remember....the alcohol will evaporate but the water won't. Yes, it will taste better but one of the reasons is you are lowering the proof.